Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 1 of Children's Congress and I am already a "mess"!

I really do not know where to start!  I have never in all my life seen my little boy so happy and full of life and joy.....I can only imagine what it must feel like to meet and be in the same place with 160 other kids who have the same disease as you!!  Carson just cried tonight...too full of emotion to even talk....just tears flowing...there are no words!  I am trying to wipe away my tears as I write this.

  We would LOVE to stay in this Children's Congress bubble FOREVER .... to have everyone checking blood sugar and guessing each other's number, to have pumps giving insulin, shots being given, carbs being counted  , juice boxes opened....well, it is a paradise of sorts that only a T1D family can really understand....this world where you aren't "different" or "weird" .....the kind of world, where your 10 year old child ,with a devastated disease, looks up at you with tears streaming down his face and says, "Thank you so much for bringing me here...I am really glad I have Type 1 diabetes so I could come here!"

 It is a magical place where moms aren't "crazy" and "overprotective"..and dads aren't "wimpy" because they shed tears for their precious little boy or girl who lives with a disease that they can't "fix"! We are instant family and we haven't even done what we came here to do yet.....go to Capitol Hill and advocate for a day when Type 1 diabetes is NO MORE!  But, we will be ready come Wednesday, because there is something quite empowering that is happening right now, not only among parents and families, but the T1D's themselves......they are just children, but they have a voice and TOGETHER they can't help but be heard!


  1. This post moved me to tears, friend. What a special, magical feeling it must be to be with so many others who understand and are working to be the voice for ALL of us. Thank you for being our voice, and thank you for sharing this! xo

  2. Crying with you guys! Being with a group of people with the same hopes and goals is so empowering. Enjoy your bubble!