Sunday, May 25, 2014

Surprise invitation from US Senator Risch!!

 US Senator Risch was in Coeur d Alene the other day and made time to see Carson at the CdA Resort before the Lincoln Day dinner.  Sen. Risch and his wife, Vicki, were so gracious to take a pic with Carson and the flag Senator Risch flew over the US Capitol in Carson's honor for his work with JDRF! He asked Carson to write him often in DC and let him know what he is up to...Carson has already written him!
 Senator Risch and ID Governor Otter and their wives chatting with Carson in the bay of the Resort!
 ID State Superintendent, Tom Luna, came over to meet Carson after the dinner...having heard so much about him!
 Senator Risch and his wonderful assistant, Vicki, surprised Carson and his mom with 2 tickets to attend the Lincoln Day dinner and sit at his table!!!  What a wonderful treat!
Carson was so glad to see his friend, US Representative Raul Labrador, again at the Lincoln Day dinner!

Carson's Introduction to the ID State Senate, ID State Capitol

Carson's introduction by Idaho State Senator, John Goedde, to the Idaho State Senate, ID state capitol