Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flashback to Day 1 of JDRF Children's Congress

Just trying to catch up, many of you were so faithful to check in every evening...only to find us not there!  So Sorry.....much busier than i had anticipated.....advocacy is HARD WORK, but very IMPORTANT!
                                               Hasan, JDRF Advocacy leader of the pack, and Carson
                                          Jeffrey Brewer, CEO of JDRF, and Carson

Carson was asked along with about 14 other CC kids to come early and do a photo shoot for JDRF national publications and one of our sponsors...Build a Bear.  He also had an on camera interview with JDRF....he had taken his unicycle down to the photo shoot to ride during takes and it turned out to be a real hit in the photos...can't wait to see where they show up!  Here is one of the many photos a parent took and posted.

After registration, all 161 kids had song rehearsal and the performance of the "Promise To  Remember Me" song with Crystal Bowersox, runner up of AMERICAN IDOL season 9, diagnosed with T1D at the age of 6.

State Delegation photos were next with Crystal Bowersox and Gary Hall, Jr. 10 Olympic medalist in Swimming, diagnosed with T1D at the age of 24.

The Opening Banquet dinner was a real memorable time, as all the delegates got to take the stage and tell a little about themselves!

 Carson had such a great time passing out clown noses...we even had JDRF BLUE are some JDRF great interns, Moria, and Carson

This photo was taken at the Publicity photo shoot within 20 minutes of these three meeting....Jonah, Carson, and Austin became fast friends and stuck together throughout CC!

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