Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fourth Annual Idaho Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day at the State Capitol

On Feb 12, we held our Fourth Annual Type Diabetes Awareness Day in Idaho. Above is the story KIVI Channel 6, Boise, aired on their Fox and ABC evening news that night. A very special thanks to reporter, Maleeha Kamal, for covering our event. 
We are grateful for Andreas Braunlich and his killer graphic design skills producing our invitations and posters free of charge each year! And, thank you to Office Max, CdA, for printing our invitations and making our large posters free of charge each year!!

So many help to make this day possible each year!  Thank you to our vendors: Camp HODIA, Central District Health Deptartment, Medtronic, Dexcom, Sanofi, Lilly Omnipod, and JDRF Mountain Valley Chapter.

 Madison Grady, Special Assistant  to the Governor, wrote our 2018 T1D Awareness Day Proclamation
 Malcolm had just been diagnosed when I met him last year at our 3rd annual T1D Day! He was excited to show me his Tandem T Slim pump (just like mine)
 These young ladies were visiting the capitol for an unrelated event and were so excited to see our event because one of these girls has T1D and another one has a brother with T1D. We were able to get them signed up for some T1D events in Boise!
 I told a little history of how I unicycled up the Governor 5 years ago and asked him for a T1D day like this for the state of Idaho!! I never would have believed he would have taken me seriously and how this event has gotten larger with each year!
Thank you, Lawerence Denney, Idaho Secretary of State, for reading our T1D Awareness Day Proclamation!

Thank you KIVI for your coverage of our event!
 ID Sec of State, Lawerence Denney, and Claire Shelton, 2017 JDRF Children's Congress delegate for Idaho!
Huge thanks to Amy Colgan and Wendi Tanner from JDRF for ALL your help! We could not have done it without you!

We had the opportunity to recognize The Rag Company who raised $2000 for JDRF!
Some of our Special guests who came out for T1D Awareness Day in Idaho
 McCall Salinas, Former Miss Boise Outstanding Teen whose platform is awareness and advocacy for T1D!

 Interviewing with KIVI Ch. 6 Boise

 Idaho State Capitol, Bosie, ID

 This mom has an adult daughter who was recently diagnosed with T1D and she was excited to have more information and become involved with JDRF!
 All of our guests (ID senators/representatives and community) signed posters thanking our U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives for supporting the Special Diabetes Program bill which gives $150 million each year toward research for a cure for T1D! My mom travels to Washington, DC in 2 weeks to present these posters to all 4 ID Congressmen when she meets with each of them at their respective offices on Capitol Hill during JDRF Government Day
 Thank you, Maleeha Kamal, KIVI, for telling our story and spreading awareness about T1D and the mission of JDRF to treat, prevent and cure Type 1 Diabetes!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Designed a Shirt! All Proceeds to JDRF

Are you feeling like you want to give to charity, but you're just not quite sure how?  If you answered yes...make sure to check out my new shirt design. You can order your own with the link below and the money will be given to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 JDRF Government Day, Washington, DC

My mom has always wanted to go to JDRF Government Day. Thanks to JDRF UT/ID she got an invitation to attend this year! 150 advocates met with every member of Congress during the 3 day event to thank the members for their support of the SDP which gives $150 million each year! We need this money to continue researching for a cure!
 All the JDRF advocates, March 2017
 Idaho U.S. Senator Mike Crapo's post
 Utah and Idaho advocates
 Ready to storm the Hill
 Amy Colgan and Fondra Magee, ID advocates
 Idaho U.S. Representative Mike Simpson
 Dinner with advocates
 Idaho U.S. Representative Raul Labrador's staffer
 Idaho U.S. Senator Jim Risch. I sent some gifts I made with my mom for each of the Congressmen and I madea short video for each Congressman. When Senator Risch watched my video to him, he asked my mom if he could record one for me and sent it to my phone right then! That was awesome!

3rd Annual Idaho Type One Diabetes Awareness Day at the Capitol

In February 2017, we held our 3rd annual Type 1 Diabetes Day at the Boise capitol! We were thrilled that Governor Otter made room in his schedule to read the Proclamation to those in attendance! Watch the video here:

 Governor Otter took time to speak to those in attendance and pose for photos.
 KTVB 6 pm newscast of our event

 Our invitation to the Idaho State Senators and Representatives.  
 Miss Boise Teen, McCall Salinas, T1D advocate
 Wendi Tanner, JDRF UT/ID flew from her Salt Lake office to spend the day with us! She contacted all our vendors, provided lunch and snacks for all our guests and Congressmen, and ordered tables. She was truly a ROCKSTAR! Thanks, Wendi and JDRF UT/ID for ALL your help in spreading awareness about the need for a cure for T1D!

 Idaho Secretary of State, Lawerence Denny, has become a good friend and attends our T1D Awareness Day at the capitol each year!
 We had an Open Mic time when kids and adults with T1D could tell their stories
 Camp Hodia, T1D summer camp
 St. Lukes hospital and Dexcom representatives
 Medtronic representative
 Kennedy Howland, JDRF Children's Congress delegate '15, enlisted the help of her friends. They delivered invitations to the Idaho Congressmen at the capitol, made signs, and provided the entertainment for the day! Thank you, Kennedy!
 Novo Nordisk representative
This little guy was diagnosed a year ago and was so interested in my pump. He still gets injections, but might be a pumper soon!

 One of the Idaho Senators came over and told me about his grown daughter who was diagnosed with T1D as a young child. He was so passionate, with tears in his eyes, about what we were doing
 Governor Butch Otter and me with the 2017 Idaho Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day proclamation

Pete Katsilometes, Special Assistant to Governor Butch Otter, wrote this year's Proclamation

Trial Net representative
 Second floor rotunda, Boise statehouse
 Kevin Troutt, my unicycling buddy

 We had some great entertainment this year!

 I feel safe!
 Children with Type 1 diabetes created tri-fold boards telling their stories

 Thank you JDRF for footing the bill for the delicious food the capitol restaurant provided for guests
Caden lived across the street from me when we were both little. We had the best of times until his family moved to Boise! It was great to see him again!