Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Will you come walk with me on my team, Carson's Cruisers, at the Walk to Cure Diabetes Sept 21?

One month from tomorrow, Sept 21, my family and I will be walking (well, I will probably be unicycling, as usual!) in the Walk to Cure Diabetes!  I would love for you to join us!  IF you come, and donate at least $15 to JDRF, you will get a Carson's Cruisers t shirt that our family designed....It is pretty cool!  We have LOTS of fun and it is for a great cause!  I have worked pretty hard this year raising money for JDRF and awareness for T1D..... can you come walk on my team on Sunday, Sept 21?  Check- in is at 10 am and the walk starts at 11 am at Riverfront Park (Northbank pavilion) in Spokane!  You can click on the link to my page to donate money and sign up!!  Thanks everyone!   There may be some surprise walkers on my team that you don't want to miss!!!  :) We are hoping for 50 walkers this year!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One Small Step for a T1D and one Giant Leap for the T1D Community! (by Carson)

 What does a Governor, a proclamation, and Type 1 diabetes have in common? They all came together on August 14, 2014!  A little over a month ago during Ironman CDA, I asked Governor Otter and First Lady Lori if they could help me spread awareness about Type 1  Diabetes in the state of Idaho by signing a Proclamation for a Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day at the state capitol in Boise!      The First Lady took me over to meet her personal assistant, Tamera, and  she got all my information.  She called me later to tell me that the Governor and First Lady wanted to do it!!  I was so excited!  My family was going down to Boise anyway for my brother's Congressional Award, so Tamera worked it out for us to have a ceremony the same week!  When we got to the Governor's office, Governor Otter wanted me to sit at the desk and have this picture made.  This desk is the same desk that has been used by all the governors of Idaho since 1911!
Governor Otter and First Lady Lori signed the Proclamation and we took some more pics before the ceremony. Here is the actual proclamation that you can read!!

I gave a speech about why I was wanting this proclamation and what it is about!  The actual T1D awareness day will be on Monday, Feb 9 this year.  I wanted to have it while the legislature was in session.  It will be in the rotunda and the public will be invited!  I  have lots of ideas about how we can set it up!  Endocrinologists, CDE's, JDRF reps, families of T1Ds will be there and I want to ask some famous T1Ds to come. T1D kids will make trifold posters telling their story and we will also have all the latest research and info about the SDP there! Gov. Otter or First Lady Lori will read the proclamation again on that day!
 First Lady Lori spoke to the crowd and then read the Proclamation!  I was so amazed by all of it that   I don't remember much of what she was like a dream come true!  Like I always say, "One voice really can make a difference!" The First Lady was very nice and knows a lot more than I expected about Type 1 diabetes because she was a health and PE teacher and she had some students who had T1D and she had to know what to do to take care of emergencies!
My mom called Pam Howland , JDRF advocacy, in Boise and  she was nice enough to get some JDRF families together to come to the ceremony!  And, while we were at the capitol, we met a family from Arizona who were visiting the capitol on their vacation.  And guess what?  The teenage girl had, we invited the family to come to the ceremony, too!  That's her to the far right!  And since Sierra, Miss Idaho, wanted to be here, but couldn't because she had to go to a pageant, McCall's mom took a #showmeyourpump pic for Sierra's campaign!  McCall in the girl in the crown.  She is Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen and has T1D, also!
Oh...and here is a picture of me, First Lady Lori, and Tamara, the First Lady's assistant.  She put the whole thing together for us!  Thank you, Tamera!
And, this is Nick!  He is one of Governor Otter's special assistants and put out the press release and wrote the proclamation!!!  He also took photos and is going to get the Governor and First Lady to sign some for me! He is very nice!
So...all the way home I was thinking of how I wanted to get a Type 1 Diabetes Day at EVERY state capitol in the U.S. My mom says I make her tired!  It would be really cool to have them all on the same day.  Then I thought of an idea!  I know kids with T1D from every state!! So, here is my challenge to all you 2013 Children's Congress Delegates: Call your Governor's office and ask for an appointment with the Governor or First Lady, tell them you would like to spread awareness about Type 1 Diabetes, tell them your story, and then ask to get a Proclamation signed for an annual Type 1 Diabetes Day at your state capitol like I did!!  WE CAN DO THIS!
Governor Otter tweeted about it
 And here is the KTVB tv newscast and  newspaper article:

And, from Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho.....WOW!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Proclamation for Annual Type 1 Diabetes Day at the Capitol from Governor's office tomorrow!!

As you may remember from a few posts back, Carson asked the Governor and First Lady to help him spread awareness about Type1 diabetes and help our cause to find a cure by issuing a proclamation for an annual Type 1 Diabetes Day at the capitol  And, they have delivered!  Tomorrow the Proclamation Ceremony will take place in ID Governor Butch Otter's office at the ID state capitol.  Here is the official Press Release that went out today!  The first T1D Awareness Day will be the second Monday in February on the second floor rotunda....and it is going to be spectacular!!! Carson will post pictures and his thoughts tomorrow!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My dream of meeting Miss Idaho, Sierra Sandison, COMES TRUE!!!

I have been wanting to meet Miss Idaho ever since I found out she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, like me!  My dream finally came true yesterday!!!  My brother received the Congressional Award silver medal in a ceremony at the state capitol in Boise yesterday.  We found out that Sierra was also receiving her medal at the same ceremony!  I couldn't believe it!  I was going to see her!  When I met her, I gave her a dozen red roses because I want to thank her for raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes by her #showmeyourpump campaign! She was very nice to me and I hope she wins Miss America!!
Sierra is very famous, but she took time to talk to me and introduce me to McCall Salinas, Miss Idaho  Outstanding Preteen, who also has T1D!  Here is a picture! (Read about how McCall inspired Sierra to wear her pump in the Miss Idaho swimsuit competition here: )
 Here is Mason and Sierra getting The Congressional Award medals from U.S. Senator Crapo, U.S. Senator Risch and U.S. Representative Labrador.
Sierra was nice enough to put the picture of me and her as her profile picture on Facebook and tweet about me!  That made me feel really special that she would do that even though I am just a kid!  I hope she becomes Miss America because everybody would love her!
I wish I was a judge at Miss America this year!     Carson

KHQ Morning Show: MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Coeur d'Alene boy speaks out for diabetes - Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather

Allison Flicker has become a new friend and champion for JDRF!  Thank you Allison and KHQ for seeking us out for this story and continuing to bring awareness about Type 1 diabetes and our fight for a cure! Link to the video that aired on the KHQ Morning Show below!
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Coeur d'Alene boy speaks out for diabetes - Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The BIONIC PANCREAS and our friend!!!!

These are our sweet friends from CC '13.  Wendy writes part 1 about her daughter's experience with the "bio-panky"!  THIS is why we do what we do!  This is why we advocate, write letters and speak to ourCongressmen, and tirelessly raise money!  It is technology like this that will totally change the lives of Type 1 diabetics!  As a mom of an 11 year old boy with T1D, I cannot read this without the tears flowing and hope rising in my heart!  This is a friend we know, not some absurd person across the ocean!!!  Thank you Rose family!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Carson's story in Coeur d Alene Living Local magazine on newsstands Aug 6 !!

We love the LIVING LOCAL magazine and editor, Colin Anderson, has always been so interested in Carson's stories!  Read his latest story about Carson, "Can't Get Him Down". in this month's issue! When the page loads, you can click on the double page icon and the single page will be readable! Thank you Colin! Look for your copy on newsstands Aug. 6!