Monday, July 8, 2013

A disease that does not differentiate!!

Ray Allen is here with his wife, Shannon, and little boy, Walker.  REALLY COOL, right???  And it IS, but funny thing is.....I haven't seen anyone ask for his autograph or take a picture with him.....why?  Because this disease called Type 1 diabetes doesn't have a certain population it chooses to attack or  socio-economic does not differentiate between skin color or nationalities......and Ray Allen and Shannon are here as parents of a T1D, just like the rest of us!  Parents who want soooo badly to see a cure for our children.  As I was talking to Ray at dinner and earlier today as Walker was playing around with Carson, mesmerized  by his unicycle,  I just thought about how we are all on the same playing field....advocating for a cure!   Suddenly, it doesn't matter that Ray Allen is a superstar worth billions of dollars and thousands of people would die to shake his hand or even be near him ...what matters is that he is a loving father who would trade it ALL for a  cure for his little boy, Walker....and that is the SINGLE REASON we are all here at Children's Congress!

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