Monday, June 30, 2014

Carson's 4th Diaversary

Four years ago today, Carson was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. 
Today we celebrate his dia-versary.
 No, we don't celebrate this 24/7 disease his little body must endure for which there is no cure, the 7,300+ shots he has given himself, the 16,060 finger pokes deep enough to draw blood and test his blood sugar, or the constant diligence and concern of keeping himself alive that an 11 year old boy should not have to worry about.
We DO celebrate his life and the brave, responsible young man he is becoming!  We celebrate the health and activity he has been able to enjoy this past year!  We celebrate this platform that God has given Carson to shine for Christ and show a watching world how BIG his God is!!  I will NEVER forget, as he lay  in that hospital bed as a little 7 year old, his prayer, "Dear Jesus, thank you that I have diabetes because YOU know what you are going to use me for."  We also celebrate #JDRF and #JDRFadvocacy for giving our family so much support, a whole new world of friends, and a place to productively channel our energy and passion into real results for a cure for Carson and all those living with Type 1 diabetes.

Asking the Governor for a favor!

Carson got to see his good friend, Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter, and, Lori, the first lady tonight at the Ironman CdA opening ceremony. Carson took the opportunity to ask the governor to help him write up a resolution for an annual Type 1 Diabetes Awareness day at the State Capitol....before I knew it the first lady had whisked Carson off to talk to the Governor's assistant and get all the info...I am very proud of my son and the advocacy work that is always at the forefront of his mind!

 Our 16 year old friend, Maggie, has cancer and Carson asked Governor Otter if he could take a picture with "Flat Maggie" to show his support!  Of course, he graciously said, "Yes" and sent his best wishes for her from Idaho!
When Lori, the First Lady, heard Carson talking to the Governor, she wanted to honor Maggie.  She took off her IRONMAN jacket and put it on "Flat Maggie" making her an IRONMAN! She sends her best wishes, as well!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Our Everyday Heroes" Race Car Design Contest for JDRF! Stay Tuned for some REALLY BIG NEWS!!!

TEXAS ROADHOUSE in Coeur d Alene went above and beyond to help Carson pull in over $600 to put into "Our Everyday Heroes" Ford/JDRF  race car design contest!  They sold appetizer cards for $5 each and 100%  of the proceeds went to JDRF via the contest!  The owner/manager was so taken with Carson's story that he asked if they could do another fundraiser the next weekend and they did!!

 Carson and his friends with the CdA TEXAS ROADHOUSE owner...the boys had fun telling patrons about the fundraiser as they waited to be served!
 An anaphylactic peanut allergy kid having  a fundraiser at TX Roadhouse....oh, the irony!  Don't worry, he didn't go inside!!
Tom Addis and Carson in the Tom Addis Ford Dealership Showroom in Coeur d Alene!  The Top 10 kids in the contest are matched with a local Ford Dealership to raise even more money for JDRF in the community!  Carson, with the help of lots of friends, was able to raise almost $4000 in this year's contest!


JDRF Inland Northwest Outreach Kid panel

 One of our favorite things to do at our JDRF outreach meetings is have a kid's panel with some of  our wonderful kids who live with T1D!  They are always so confident, funny, and amaze us with their tenacity, courage, and grace!!

Senator Goedde speaking to Carson's Fifth grade classes at Ramsey Magnet School of Science

 Carson's friend and supportive advocate, State Senator John Goedde, graciously  accepted Carson's invitation to come speak to the four Fifth grade classes at Ramsey Magnet School of Science during their government unit this Spring!
 Carson stopped by Senator Goedde's office to give him thank you letters from the Fifth graders and took the time to ask the Senator if he could help him pass a resolution for an annual  Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day at the State Capitol.  Senator Goedde said he would be glad to talk to the Governor and work together with Carson on this!!!

Carson's second invitation to speak to Coeur d Alene City Council

 Carson was asked to come give a report to the Coeur d Alene City Council of his time in DC with JDRF Children's Congress...this was a great honor for him!  When Carson spoke to the City Council before he went to DC, Mayor Bloom was the mayor. Now a new mayor is on board with a few new council members!  They were all very gracious and asked several questions.  We are thankful for a city that recognizes its youth and the difference they are making in their community and country!
 Carson received this very kind letter in the mail from the new mayor, Mayor Widmyer, after he spoke to the City Council.  A very nice gesture!