Friday, July 5, 2013


Left home a little after  4 am this has been a long day. My 10 year old advocate was going to blog tonight, but he is exhausted!! Tomorrow!  I have never flown into DC..always driven in and and I got really choked up flying right over the Capitol and the  mall...we saw it all just below us, the WA monument, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, etc!!  Really cool flying in! We figured out the METRO subway (kinda) and are LOVING the JW Marriott right on Pennsylvania Ave....gorgeous!!!  Walked 2 blocks over to the White House and Treasury, etc tonight...beautiful when it is lit up at night!!  I have forgotten how much I love this city!  Carson likes sightseeing ok, but he wants Children's Congress to start tomorrow!!!!  I think being in the same place with 160 other T1Ds at the same time is what he is most looking forward to...when does that ever happen!?  Night, all...thanks for tuning in!!  See you tomorrow!
 We wore our JDRF walk t shirts across country and may people asked questions and we got to tell them what we were doing!  Even had some T1D families come over and introduce themselves at airports!
 At Reagan International Airport, Washington, DC  Flying into this city was breath-taking!
 Carson at the METRO subway station
 On the METRO subway headed to our hotel......made it to Pennsylvania AVE...where our hotel is!

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