Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My thoughts on my FIRST event for Unicycling For A Cure Campaign

Post by Carson

 Getting ready for the ride at Riverstone Park...CdA Press photographer, Shawn Gust fitting a go-pro on my helmet!  KXLY videographer, Casey Lund, looking on!

 My hero and good friend, Dave Holden, came and biked the whole way with me!  Dave is a professional bike racer with Team NovaNordisk!  He inspires me and encourages me that I can still do anything even with Type 1 diabetes...because he has it, too!
 Casey Lund, KXLY, putting a Go-Pro on Dave's handlebars!!

 3.5 miles to go!!!  We traveled along the Centennial Trail to McEuen Park
Three wheels!
Casey was ahead of us all along the way getting some video of Dave and me. Watch KXLY news at 6 on November 26 (its Thanksgiving Eve) for the story!

It was very COLD, but the rain held off for us the whole way!
When we arrived at McEuen around 2 pm, I felt like I really was making a difference.  It was really cool seeing the Sorenson jugglers and all the people lining both sides of the sidewalk and unicycling through there was AMAZING!  I was not expected all the people!

Check out this little video of Dave and me coming into McEuen Park!  It was pretty AWESOME!!!

I want to thank ALL the people who came to cheer me on and support me with donating money to JDRF for a cure for Type 1 diabetes!
I want to thank all our sponsors!  Schlotskeys, Starbucks, and Super One provided the food and coffee!

Sorenson Magnet school jugglers were GREAT and the crowd really enjoyed them!  Even had some unicyclers there, too!

Me and Dave! I really hope he knows how much it meant for him to be there for me!
Casey Lund, KXLY, and me
Maria and Sophie, my T1D buddies...Zoe was there, too!

All our sponsors!!  THANK YOU!!!!
Bashful Dan, K102, was our MC/DJ. He is amazing, awesome, and funny!

It was a great day!  Stay Tuned for my next GREAT Unicycling Event!  I am headed to Canada!  Turning Type  One Into Type None!!!!!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

One wheel, many goals - Coeur d'Alene Press: Local News

One wheel, many goals - Coeur d'Alene Press: Local News: COEUR d’ALENE — Carson Magee rounded the bend in McEuen Park on Saturday afternoon, his unicycle steady and his smile contagious.