Monday, November 11, 2013

A Super Bowl Ring, a Governor and a Special Congressman dad!!

Incredible day....Carson got to meet three incredible people!!

Former Pittsburg Steeler,Kendall Simmons....diagnosed with T1D in his second season.....he let Carson wear his SuperBowl ring!!!

And then, seeing Congressman George Nethercutt (WA-R) much of the research for T1D in DC is because of this wonderful man ....who happens to be the daddy of a little girl who was diagnosed with T1D at 6 years old....He actually ran for office because of his daughter's diagnosis! 

meeting Governor Otter (ID-R) Governor Otter left the huge crowd all around him to practically run down the bay hallway at the resort...calling Carson's name....He was so kind asking Carson questions about his T1D and listening to our request for support on behalf of the ADA School Nurses Act in ID. As we were finishing up, Carson reached up and took off the golden JDRF sneaker lapel pin he wears on his suit.....(his only one that he loves) and GAVE IT TO THE GOVERNOR....I don't believe there was a dry eye in the room as Carson told the Governor to wear it so he could remember him and all the kids living with T1D...the governor put it on immediately and said he would surely remember!!