Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Awesome JDRF Walk (or Unicycle Ride) to Cure Diabetes

This is our awesome walk team!!!  A lot of other people gave money, though!  All together you helped us raise $4040 for our Walk this year!  Thank you! Our Spokane JDRF walk brought in over $100,000 this year!!!
Here we are right before the walk started...minus a few walkers!  Mason and I are getting ready to ride!

And they're off...much smoother take off on the unicycles this year!  We got a little clearing and didn't take too many walkers out! :)

3 miles at Riverfront Park in Spokane on a beautiful day!  My mom got these shots!

My brother, Mason, is the most awesome brother ever.  He carried my meter and juices (for when my bg goes low)..he even rode the smaller unicycle even though he is bigger than me!  We had an awesome system worked out....we checked my bg, drank juices, texted our mom...many times ALL WITHOUT EVER STOPPING!
This is Daniel.  He is on our JDRF Board of Directors.  He has had T1D for 10 years and in those 10 years, he has run 110 marathons and 6 Ironmen!!!!!  What?????
This is Sophie.  She was theWalk Ambassador like I was 2 years ago! Our moms always take pics of us is really annoying!
These are my buddies Ethan and Logan who came to walk with me...well, they tried to keep up!  Well, that's a wrap, folks...til next year!

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