Saturday, October 18, 2014


Post by Carson

I have T1D kids say to me,"I want to do all the stuff that you do."  So, I thought, "Why not start a club for kids so that they can advocate like I do."  We meet at the same time the parents meet for the JDRF Outreach meeting at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital the second Tuesday of the month.  I am going to start one here in Coeur d Alene, also!  So far, we have made several thank you posters for Senators and the Representatives thanking them for signing onto the Special Diabetes Program which give $150 million annually to T1D research.  Also, we make posters thanking the Congressmen for meeting with us when we discuss bills.  I called several of my friends with T1D and asked them to meet with me when I met with U.S. Senator Risch about S. 2689 The Medicare CGM Access Act. We and 30 people come (T1D kids and their families).  Now that is some serious advocacy!!!!
 JDRF KIDS Advocacy Club meeting with U.S. Senator Risch about S. 2689 The Medicare CGM Access Act

 Making thanks you posters for the Senators and Representatives!
 JDRF Kids Advocacy Club meeting with U.S. Representative Labrador asking him of this support of the Special Diabetes Program bill which give $150 million to T1D research annually!

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