Monday, February 15, 2016

COKER TIRE COMPANY's "BIG ONE" 36" Wheeled Unicycle SURPRISE!!!!

A few years ago, my dad and I were searching the internet and saw a 36" wheel unicycle made by Coker Tire Company in Chattanooga, TN where I was born!  It was amazing!!  Since I had just finished my Unicycling For a Cure Event by riding 4 miles on a 20" unicycle to raise awareness and funds for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, I knew this size wheel would make the trek much easier for my next, longer Unicycling For a Cure! So, I wrote a letter to the owner, Corky Coker, and explained that I had Type 1 Diabetes and had created an event called "Unicycling For  A Cure". I explained how I had been looking for a larger wheel so that I wouldn't have to pedal as many revolutions and could, therefore, go further faster without working as hard! My goal, I told him, was to go from town to town and raise money and awareness for JDRF!  A few weeks later, UPS came to my door and with astonishment, I saw a HUGE box from Coker Tire!! They had sent me my very own 36" wheel "BIG ONE" unicycle to help in my cause!!! I couldn't believe it! It is the best gift I have ever received!!!

I was still a little bit too short to reach the pedals, but in September, just in time for the JDRF One Walk in Spokane, I was able to touch the pedals and decided to do the 3 mile course on the BIG ONE!!  My Carson's Cruisers team had 25 walkers and raised $1000 for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)! Thank you to all those who walked and all who gave money, but could not walk! We are gonna turn TypeONE into TypeNONE!!!  Below are some pictures of the Walk! #NotTwoTired

What a wonderful company in Chattanooga, TN, Coker Tire Company!  Mr. Coker and his team have been amazing heroes to me!  They surprised me with this article on their blogspot after I emailed them about unicycling the JDRF One Walk 5K in Spokane, WA.  Mr. Coker donated the 36 inch wheeled unicycle to me to aid in my quest to Unicycle For A Cure and I am so thankful!  If you have a second, please thank the Coker Tire Company in the comment section under this article! This world needs more companies like Coker Tire! Here is the article:

 At Christmas, my family and I went to Chattanooga to visit my grandparents and we were able to go on a tour of the Coker Tire Showroom and shop. Marla Moore, Coker Group Marketing Director, even took us to meet the man who makes wheels and he showed us how he makes cool!! If you ever are in Chattanooga, you have to go take the tour at Coker!!  They have a wide variety of antique cars, motorcycles, and even planes!!  It was one of the best tours of my life!!

                                 Marla Moore, Coker Group Marketing Director, mom and me
                                                       The man who makes wheels!!


  1. Carson you are an amazing young man!!! Taking something that could slow you down and making it into something that fuels you and your passion instead! Because of you things will happen! Praying for that cure with you!!!! Coker Tire you and your heart for others ROCK!!! Thank you for being about so much more than the bottom line!

    1. You are such an encouragement to Carson and our family, Renee! Thank you!