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2nd Annual Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day in Idaho 2016

Last year.....
KIVI Ch 6 News at 6:30
Feb 9, 2015
1st Annual T1D Awareness Day coverage

Hi! This is Carson! I could never have imagined
when I rode up to Governor Otter and First Lady 
Lori on my unicycle     
asking if they could help me with a Type 1 
Diabetes Awareness Day in the state, that 
it would become this BIG of a deal! Our second 
annual T1D Awareness Day at the Capitol 
was Feb 8, 2016.
You can view tv newscasts, videos, 
news articles,
and photos of the AWESOME day here!!
I have a dream of every state in the country
having a T1D Awareness Day 
at their state capitol and EVERY 
legislative district in Idaho having a proclamation
and T1D awareness day in that district! 
I need your help! Let me know what state you are 
in and I will help you get started!

This year...
                                                              KTVB Ch 7 News at 6
                                                                  February 8, 2016
                                                  2nd annual T1D Awareness Day coverage

The second annual Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day in Idaho
took place on Monday, February 8, 2016!
 To see how this
annual day came about (me asking the Governor from a unicycle)
click here:

The signing of the Proclamation in the Governor's office is here:

To see my post on the first annual T1D day, click here:
Katherine Jones from the Idaho Statesman
 spent the day with us
 and made the most amazing documentary about T1D!
 Thank you, Katherine! You can view the video here:
Fabulous documentary video made by:
Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman
at the T1D Awareness Day at the capitol
Lt. Governor's Facebook post.
Thank you, Lt. Governor Brad Little,
for reading the
 2016 Idaho Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day proclamation!
You can view the proclamation here:

Idaho State Journal

Betsy Russell with the Spokesman Review wrote an article
 that reached a wide market!
 You can view  the article here:

We were excited that JDRF tweeted about our
Type 1 Diabetes Day
 in Idaho.
 I would love to see every state have a day like this
to spread awareness!

This facebook post was worth the entire day!
This little guy was diagnosed less than 2 months ago!!

We loved all the T1Ds and their families who came
 to the capitol and met us!!

Amy Smith, volunteer with JDRF Boise,
 was instrumental in making this day happen! Thanks, Amy!

I read a speech I wrote about my
diagnosis and how this day
 came about.
I ,then, introduced Lt. Governor,
Brad Little, who read the
Proclamation! You can
View the video here!!!

Special thanks to
for designing the T1D Awareness Day invitations and
posters and for Office Max of CdA printing  everything
free of charge!
Dexcom rep

JDRF Boise gave this newly diagnosed
little boy his very own Rufus. Rufus,
the JDRF bear
is given to patients at the time of
diagnosis in the hospital usually.

The JDRF Utah/Idaho chapter from Salt Lake
(Ashley and Wendi)
 drove over for the day!

JDRF balloons, stickers, tatoos
and RUFUS!

Kennedy Howland,
JDRF 2015 Children's Congress delegate
 for the state of Idaho

Idaho State capitol, Boise, ID


JDRF Utah/Idaho chapter and JDRF Boise

Kevin Troutt with Camp Hodia, a T1D camp.
 Kevin rides unicycles like me!!

KTVB has been a great champion for
 T1D awareness
 in the capitol city last year and this year.
 I was LIVE on the KTVB News At Noon
 wih Kim Fields
 on the T1D Diabetes Awareness Day
inviting people to come! You can view
the interview here:
Carson Magee KTVB Ch 7 LIVE interview

Second floor rotunda, Idaho State Capitol

Lt. Governor, Brad Little, and me
with the 2016  Diabetes Awareness Day proclamtion
for the state of Idaho

KTVB News At Noon LIVE

Idaho Secretary of State, Lawerence Denny,
one of the signers of the Proclamation!

Trial Net

Participants had a chance to visit with representatives from
Medtronic, DexCom, NovoNordisk, St. Luke's Medical Center,
HODIA diabetes camp, JDRF, nutritionists, and more!

We had to wait for this little family of ducks to cross the street
on our way to the tv station for the Live broadcast!

KTVB News At Noon LIVE

After the LIVE show!
Pam Howland, JDRF Boise,
was instrumental in making this day happen! Thanks Pam!

Fred Riggers has had T1D for 69 years.
 He was diagnosed at the age of  4!!!
 He wanted me to put on his
 JOSLIN 50 year medal
 and was such an encouragement!!
 He told me he is looking forward to
  his 75th year medal in just a few years!


Joslin 50 year medal!
A T1D can get their first medal
 when they have had T1D for 10 years !

Some participants brought dramatic exhibitions of how T1D
impacts their life (sharps container full of used syringes) 

St. Lukes hospital brought some of the first insulin pumps,
blood glucose meters, needles and syringes!
Living with diabetes
certainly has gotten better through the years!

Nova Nordisk

JDRF Utah/Idaho Chapter and JDRF Boise

People of all ages living with Type 1 diabetes
made tri fold boards
 with their diagnosis
story and how T1D impacts their life.
These boards lined the rotunda!

Interactive learning stationswhere participants learned aobut
life wth Type 1 diabetes

KTVB sent a videographer over to the capitol for
  a story which aired on the evening news! You can view the
newscast at the very top of this post!

Laura Keller with American Diabetes Association
provided all  the delicious food!
 We were very happy she flew in for the event!
She is working on legislation for students in Idaho
 to be able to self manage at school! Thank you, Laura!

Jennifer OKief with the Lt. Governor's office
 and the Lt. Governor's assistant 

Laura Keller, ADA (far left), Sierra Sandison (far right)

JDRF Utah/Idaho chapter

Lt. Governor, Brad Little, getting my mic set up!
U.S. Senator Crapo was in D.C. ,
 but he sent his assistant, Brian Raybon, to the event!

Jack Cook, a T1D,
brought his entire 4th grade class from a public school in Boise!

Idaho Lt. Governor Brad Little,
me, and Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denny

U.S. Senator Risch was in D.C. and sent his regrets
 Melinda Smeyser from his Boise office came to the event!
 Melinda has been a wonderful friend to me!

Katherine Jones, Idaho Statesman

Sierra Sandison, Miss Idaho, and my friend
 came to the T1D Diabetes Awareness Day again this year,
in spite of her busy schedule!  Thank you, Sierra!!

Sierra and me!

Nutritionists and Dieticians from Boise!
 Thank you for educating again for a second year!

Sierra expressing her shock
 at the size of the insulin needles
 "back in the day"  We've come a long way!

My mom and me!

I met some really awesome T1D kids
 at the capitol!!

JDRF Boise leaders

KTVB Ch. 7 News at 6
Proclamation signing ceremony in Governor Otter's office 2014

                                         Here is the script of my speech I made at the capitol:

June 30th 2010 was a day that will go down in my history.  I, Carson Magee, was diagnosed on that painstaking day with Type 1 Diabetes. I remember the pediatric doctor, with tears in his eyes, tell my parents, "Your son has Type1 Diabetes." Like many others diagnosed with this disease, I had no idea what Type 1 Diabetes was!  Was it a type of flu that would just go away?  Would I lose limbs? How many days would I have before  I got out of this surrounding of doctors carrying around shots and I.V.'s for patients with sicknesses? By this time I was freaking out. I implored my mom and dad to let me leave even though I knew that it was probably best not to.

I was soon told that there was nothing I could have done to prevent Type 1 diabetes and there was no cure....YET! But, as long as I took 4-6 insulin shots every day and 10-12 finger pokes deep enough to draw blood EVERYDAY for the rest of my life, I would stay alive.  Good thing I was sitting down on a bed or else I just might have fainted right then and there like a pile of jello smack dab in the center of the bed covers....sugar-free jello, I might add! :)  I had nearly a million thoughts jabbing through my head just like the millions of shots I would get in the near future in my stomach an arms. Nearly six years later, here I am still living with this agitating disesase, but I am healthy and living my life happlily, not letting Type 1 get in the way!

We are gathered here today to raise awareness about this disease. Many people, including me before I was diagnosed, don't know the difference between Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. In some ways they are common and in other ways they are not at all. Type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease in which the beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed and therefore insulin is not produced.

In 2014 I rode up to Governor Otter and First Lady Ottter on a unicycle at the Ironman triathlon in Coeur d Alene, Idaho asking them to sign a proclamation for a Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day for the state of Idaho. The Governor and First Lady thought it was a fantastic idea and made it official.  This proclamation was made not only for me but  for all the Type 1 Diabetics throughout our state. A big thank you to Governor and First Lady Otter, Lieutenant Governor Brad Little, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The American Diabetes Association, and all the other special guests who made this day possible.

Please join me in a round of applause for Lieutenant Governor, Brad Little, who will now be presenting the Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Day Proclamation for the state of Idaho!

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